Venus Goddess Animation, Stats & Strategy

Hey guys, this posts is dedicated to the Venus Goddess (with animation! :P) and her stats/info:

Venus Goddess Animation

Venus Goddess Skill

Recovery: Instantly restores the HP of the Hero by 100% of goddess’s attack value. Has a 10 second cool-down period before it can be used again.

Venus Worship Gold Requirements

Worship Gold Cost
up to Level 30 2,566,500
up to Level 50 12,127,500
up to Level 70 33,568,500
up to Level 90 71,689,500
up to Level 110 131,290,500
up to Level 130 217,171,500

For the complete experience table for non-Legendary Goddesses click here.

Goddess Stats

As all goddesses, Venus has her own attack value (they don’t need other stats as they cannot get hurt), based on which her special skill is calculated and she has 3 supporting stats for the main hero:

  • ATK Bonus
  • DEF Bonus
  • HP Bonus

All the stats increase both via Worship (gold cost) and Bonding (Goddess Tear cost).

Venus Strategy or Best Use

Venus is very popular in the start and mid game usable by any player who has recharged any amount in Lords Road. She is is a single target damage goddess who dishes out her damage and on the 4th turn heals you, which comes very handy in any long battle.

At the start of a server most players (those who can recharge any amount) decide between Fortuna and Venus or between area damage and single target damage with healing, as resources are limited and it is very difficult, except for very big cashers, to invest in both at the start. And usually it is a love it or hate type of a relationship – those players who use Venus tend to love her a lot and stick with her.

Venus’s disadvantage starts showing up in events like Demon Invasion and Arena battles when goddess Victoria becomes available with her 200% damage. You see, it is simple math that 200% damage is a lot more damage output than the 100% healing of Venus, so the moment Victoria is available a lot of players switch to her as her single point damage is superior to Venus’s heal and also following the logic that if you kill the monster faster you need less healing.

Still, players like myself, stick with Venus because we have already invested a great amount of gold into her and she is a pretty nice goddess, so switching to another one would be too expensive. So for example on my own hero, instead of switching to Victoria I just waited a little bit to get the goddess Annie (legendary / better version of Fortuna) who has a 150% damage output but which is area damage so I will be switching to Annie after I spend many millions of gold bringing her up (as she is a lot more expensive), but I still come back to Venus when I have boss fights and I still use her in Arena until her absolute damage (around 20k) and healing (same amount / 100%) become too small to have any meaning (example: I currently have about 800k HP and get hit for 100k-150k, so already the 20k heal is not much).

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