Lord’s Road VIP Benefits Guide

Hey guys, here is the full list of VIP benefits or advantages in Lords Road. As in other games, if you are able to get the VIP membership you get a heap of benefits, especially my favorite are the comfort elements like not waiting for Cool-Downs and being able to set Auto Combat.

Full table of VIP advantages in

Lord’s Road VIP Benefits

VIP Gifts per Level

On top of all the benefits you also get very nice gifts for every VIP level:

VIP Gifts per Level

VIP Daily Gifts

If all of the above was not enough, there are also gifts for VIPs every day as shown below:

 VIP Daily Gifts

Those feathers are for upgrading wings:

 Wings Feather item description

The VIP Experience Bar

Lastly, you will need to get VIP Experience also in order to level up your VIP Level. There are only several ways of getting VIP Experience:

  • You get 1000 experience when you buy VIP.
  • There are specific items which can increase VIP experience once consumed (example: Diamond Card below).
  • And although it does not say, usually in games spending money also increases it so gotta watch out for this one perhaps.

VIP Experience Bar  Diamond Card item description

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  1. VIP makes such a big difference

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  2. I got the regular game VIP 3 but I can not activate it

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