Lords Road Patch Details (23 July 2015)

Hey guys, this is a follow up post on the 23rd July game update where I give you more details since on S1 we have the update 1 day ahead of other servers. So please see the updates under each of the game changes:

Lords Road Game Update Patch with more Details:

1. Added more drops of Bosses in Boss Rush.

Boss rush rewards have been increased both in quantity and types of items. You can see on the image below the various rewards people received from killing the bosses which include Mount Books, Enchant Jewels, Magic Jewels, Magic Fruit Chests, Mount Spirit, Iron Ore.

2. Added new daily dungeon with different difficulties. The harder the dungeon, the better the rewards.

For each higher difficulty the rewards are increased by, usually, 1 additional amount, so for experience, it is 400k + 400k for normal, then 400k + 400k + 400k for medium and 4 x 400k for hard. For Treasure Palace it is from 2x up to 4x 600k gold and Goddess Guardian is a bit different where Normal is goddess tear + 400k crystal; Medium is 600k crystal and adds also moderate goddess tears and hard goes up to 800k crystal and adds also advanced tears.

3. Added new cross server ranking – players can check Battle Rating ranks across all servers. (The rank will refresh at 24:00 every day, so players may cannot check the rank the first day it launches.)

Cross Server ranking becomes available:

7. Buffed the fourth skill of warriors –“Protector”, increase 5% more damage reduction.

My protector skills is now reducing 31.9% of damage on level 70 and an additional 5% from the rune, so that makes it a total of 36.9% at level 70, which is very nice.

11. Some items will be removed from Guild Shop and Honor Shop, and players may find them in Secret Merchant.

New Guild Shop

(page 2 is just healing potions)

New Honor Shop

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  1. Will this improvement in warrior make us par with mages. I doubt that mages just do too much dmg. Most of the events are dmg centric thats were mages shine.They will only become stonger where as warriors trying to compete with mages with way low BR than them..

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    • no it will not, it simply helps warriors a bit, on established server mages are so far ahead that it is impossible to catch up (everything being equal); however on brand new servers this might give a more significant help to warriors

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      • Yea !! hope that warrior is kept alive on new servers.

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