Lords Road Leveling Guide by Daj

Hey guys, here is a leveling guide by Daj, I hope everyone enjoys it and finds it useful. Please also see my “Experience Guide – How to Level up Fast” and with the two articles together you should have a pretty clear view on this subject.

Leveling Guide by Daj

There is no special way of leveling up, but it takes understanding of the game elements as well as luck and effort. Luck part matters as much as effort for things like:

  • getting into top guild,
  • how many hard cashers does it have (for gold chests),
  • or if some other has more, giving you more exp daily than 2mil extra from siege.
  • etc.

But the main part of leveling stays the same, no matter if you are a casher or not.

Casher can level faster, but…

…even a free player can pass a medium (non-10k diamonds daily) cashers by 20 million exp, over time, even more.

So here is the rundown of things to do. As i noted before, nothing special.

Daily quest

Doing daily quest properly takes close to 1 mil gold (see below “Click to upgrade 5 star mastery. Required: 50,000 gold). But reward is around 2mil exp. The reward is higher the higher level you are.

Infinity Dungeon

Infinity Dungeon is mostly done for Gems, but after getting high enough dungeon level you cannot ignore the exp rewards.

Daily Dungeon – Inferno Space

If you have blood flag’s use them here, and use only 1 per day. You will run out of them sooner rather than later. If you are a casher use as many as you can, this dungeon gives the highest exp gain.

Daily Dungeon – Cursed Palace vs. Offline exp

Cursed Palace, in AFK mode gives you a bit of exp, gold and bound diamonds. Gives alot more exp than a VIP gets while offline. That bit of exp turns into millions of exp over time.

Team Dungeon

Doesn’t give much exp honestly, but every bit helps.

Elemental Dungeon

The higher level you are the more exp you get each wave.


  • Top 1 guild members that joined for siege get 5 Million exp
  • Top 2 – 3mil
  • Top 3 – 2mil
  • Top 4 – 1mil

When it is done 3 times per week that is a lot of exp.

Pray For King

Not a huge amount of exp like inferno space but getting 500k+ exp is still nice.

Solo Dungeon

Daily you can get a noticeable amount of exp from normal campaign missions, that gives 15k exp means 150k if you do it 10 times.

Pet Strategy for experience

Important thing is to swap your pets per need. 100% killing exp is max currently. So stack your pets to 100% or as close to it. I did not note some areas where you still get exp, like campaign and side quests, arena and boss rush. As you get a 1 time bonus from quests, arena gives a barely noticeable amount, and boss rush only if you make the kill.

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  1. if you leave your character at Cursed Palace, you have to leave your computer on. Your computer using electric power which is returning to you as bill! More you are running your computer, its life span is also lowering. Become Vip and be good..

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