Level 55 Opens Cursed Palace Stage 4 and Rune Starter Pack

Hey guys, so I leveled up to level 55, which is pretty cool đŸ™‚ so this post is to share with you that at level 55 the next level of the Cursed Palace opens up, which means more experience for the people who like to grind there in AFK mode. I tried killing a bunch of mobs and I think the highest I found for me was +48 EXP per kill, which is 23% more experience than the +39 of the previous Cursed Palace – a significant increase:

Stage 4 Cursed Palace with +48 Experience

Level 55 Rune Starter Pack

But as I usually don’t hang around the Cursed Palace very much what was much more important for me was being able to grab the level 55 Rune Starter Pack, which is pretty awesome!

At level 55 the chances are very high that your best Element Runes will be just level 2, so this pack allows you to use Level 4 and Level 5 runes, which are considerably more powerful! Although see on the picture below that to use the Level 5 rune you need a mount of Stage 5 and since mine is just below Stage 4 then I can only use the Level 4 runes, but I am happy with those as they are significantly more powerful than the level 2s we have.

The Medium (M) Guild Medal is a fine prize as well, but not as big of a deal as the Element Runes.

Element Gift Pack item descriptions:

Note: The Hail runes is what I got from the chests; other people could get other rune types.

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Author: COSMOS

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