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Hey guys, I received a very nice Infinity Tower guide from Katerina (a.k.a. KillerKat) and I want to share it with you below with some small edits and additions from myself also. So big thanks to Katerina for the contribution and I am sure a lot of people can benefit from the advice. So here we go:

Infinity tower is most likely the main way to get jewels in Lords Road. Not only jewels, but getting it to the highest level possible will get you a lot of exp as well as gold daily. Lets start with the beginning – this is mainly a guide on how to successfully progress as fast as you can in Infinity Tower. It also mainly targets mages, knights / warriors being in need of way higher BR than a mage for infinity (due to shooters – explained more below).

First thing you need to know is: there are 2 types of enemies you will face:

Melee Enemy Stages

For the melee ones, you can kite, a lot… meaning for 5-15 minutes you just run around and occasionally do your AOE attacks when you are far enough so that it speeds it up a bit and they don’t touch you still. Goddess will do most of the work (area damage goddess is preferred here).

Ranged Enemy Stages

For the ranged ones – those are some very tough annoying little devils. Problem with the ranged enemies is that you can’t pull them next to you without getting the entire level to attack you at first. Best thing is to run back a bit, trying to pull as few as you can for each ranged level. Then you are forced to just hit 1 of your aoes, and the single target dmg, which makes it a whole lot harder. This is where knights / warriors lose a lot of potential in there, because in order to attack, they have to run into the wave and most likely pull most of it. Which is why a knight most likely needs 50-100k BR more than a mage to pass the same ranged level.

warrior problems with ranged mobs in infinity

Attacking and Restarting Strategy

A very good trick, a secret of mine really, is to attack a huge amount of times, until you only pull 6-7 mobs at beginning – they usually spawn randomly each time you attack. Sometimes, at first, 15 will attack you, other times – 10, other times – even lower. This does take a lot of time and patience, but it does make the waves a lot easier. Once you kill all the mobs, wait on the spot there and at best move just a very tiny little bit ahead so you don’t pull more than 1-2 mobs. It will help your potion usage stay very low.

HP Potions

You will need a LOT of hp potions, the % ones (the fixed amount healing potions are too weak – they don’t heal fast enough). Save up bound diamonds and make sure you are stacked before each wave. I usually go with around 20 of 50% potions and about 5-6 of 100% potions in each ranged wave.

Holy Crosses

Just in case, be sure you have at least 6 holy crosses for emergency revives. Freezes or crits can always happen and pots may not be enough, make sure you can revive at least 3 times /wave.

Infinity Tower Boss Fights

For bosses it is a bit easier because all you need is A LOT of pots, pretty much the only difficult one I’ve had so far was on level 80. It is a ranged boss as well and therefore you can’t kite it, whereas melee ones are just as melee waves and you can kite them easily until they die (which could take some time, but still).

On 80 though, the boss puts a poison on the ground each few seconds in which, if you stay longer than 1 sec, you die instantly pretty much. Other than that, just make sure you are set on potions and revives for bosses as well, they may take a bit more pots than regular waves.

Infinity Tower BR/Stats Requirement

The BR requirement is not that high, with 270k BR I managed to kill level 88 which is ranged and soon will progress more. Probably within 350k BR you can finish all the 100 waves as a mage (note again that warriors will need more).

Maxing Dodge and Defense

For the stats, it is best to have maxed dodge, and as high defense as possible, as in focus gems and virtues mainly on defense and dodge if you are willing to progress in infinity. Specially on ranged waves, you will need a ton of dodges and the minimum possible damage taken with higher defense.

Going at the right speed

Last thing you need to know is don’t waste diamonds or bound diamonds on potions if the waves are just too hard. It is best to wait and be patient until you get BR boosts. Myself, every time I reached a wave that 1-shotted me instantly when I got in, I waited for at least 30-40k BR more to try again. While you do need a lot of potions and revives for each of those ranged waves, it is still best to do it at a minimum cost, otherwise it wont be as effective. Once you reach level 70-80 in infinity don’t bother too much, all the rewards are 1 level 3 gem until level 100. You wont lose a lot if you wait to get stronger.

Infinity Tower Rewards

As Katerina mentioned in the beginning, Infinity Tower is a wonderful source of Virtuous Jewels / Socket Jewels income, but also a very solid source of EXP / Experience gain as well as a bit of gold income. So on the picture below I share with you an example of my (Cosmos) blitz of the Infinity Tower up to level 70 and you can see that in the rewards there are 62 Virtuous Jewels, a whole bunch of Socket Jewels and also an awesome 1+ million experience and around 200k gold.

So we hope that you enjoyed this nice guide and we wish you a lot of fun and success in your Infinity Tower! đŸ™‚

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Author: COSMOS

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