Infinity Tower blitz to stage 87 – Analysis of Rewards

Hey guys, some of you might be curious to learn about the rewards from the Infinity Tower, so in this post I present to you data and analysis on 87 stages of Blitz. So let’s jump straight into it and look at the rewards:

Blitz Rewards 87 Stages:

  • Experience 1,602,220 – very nice and already becoming pretty significant and similar to the Inferno Space experience reward
  • Gold 230,876 – steadily increasing from report to report, but is still not a significant amount (but I am not using any gold pets yet, so I can see this boosted somewhat once I am better prepared)
  • 81 Virtuous Jewels in example #1 and 76 Virtuous Jewels in example #2
  • A bunch of jewels (see calculation tables below). Synthesizing these gives a result of just above 4 (4.33) level 4 jewels for a similar blitz as this.

Jewel rewards calculation table for example #1 + #2 (same quantities)

Lvl 1 Jewels Lvl 2 Jewels Lvl 3 Jewels
how many lvl 1s 6
how many lvl 2s 2.00 10
how many lvl 3s 0.67 3.33 9
how many lvl 4s 0.22 1.11 3.00

So a very nice “daily reward” and is especially easier for VIP 5 where the Blitz of the Infinity Tower is instant – no waiting time.

Infinity Tower blitz to stage 87 – #1

Infinity Tower blitz to stage 87 – #2

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Author: COSMOS

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