Infinity Tower Blitz Rewards 79 Stages

Hey guys, some of you might be curious to learn about the rewards from the Infinity Tower, so here is some data on 79 stages of Blitz. So what do we see:

Blitz Rewards 79 Stages:

  • Experience 1,361,400 (nice, and a pretty solid increase compared to the last blitz report)
  • Gold 198,720 (getting better, but still not that great, not even a 100k increase since the last report)
  • A bunch of jewels: 6 level 1s, 10 level 2s and 7 level 3s. Synthesizing these gives a result of almost 4 (3.6) level 4 jewels for a similar blitz as this.
  • 71 Virtuous Jewels

Looks very nice for a “daily reward” and is especially easier for VIP 5 where the Blitz of the Infinity Tower is instant – no waiting time.

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Author: COSMOS

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