Experience Guide – How to Level up Fast

Hey guys, this post will cover all the various events and activities which give experience, will show which ones give more and explain everything there is about getting experience in Lords Road.

All the ways to get experience in Lords Road:

 Inferno – Daily Dungeon: The largest amount of experience by far from a solo activity. Can be done 1 time per day for most players and more times can be done by purchasing Blood Flags. On new servers cashers usually grow fast using Inferno. Below is an example from my level 45 Experience gain, but naturally it grows as you go up in level. At level 51 it was around 1.8 million experience per Inferno run.

Inferno Space experience reward level 45

Inferno Space experience reward level 52

Main Quests – one time only but they are very fast and give a big amount of experience each (250k experience per quest)

Daily Quests -20 fast and easy quests per day, around 50k experience per quest = 20k x 50k = 1000k experience per day!

 Pray for King event – watch the timings in the Daily Events. Around level 40 it gives about 700 exp per 5 seconds for 1 hour which is ~500k exp. for standing and doing nothing. Be careful though not to initiate any activity or it will break the prayer and you will need to re-initiate the prayer. Generally people go AFK at this time or chat with friends or take care of their bags / study their hero.

Solo Dungeon Blitz – On the screenshot below you see my solo dungeon blitz of doing 10 x Spirit Swamp at level 45 for 100 stamina. This gave 200k experience, which means that 1 run would give 20k experience.

Cursed Palace AFK grinding – Daily Dungeon. Apart from just logging out (option below), the last thing you can do is just go into AFK combat in the Cursed Palace and leave the computer running. Notice that depending on which group of mobs you are killing you will get slightly different experience, so before you go AFK go find the mobs which give the highest experience amount (this differs on each level of the Cursed Palace!). On the screenshot below you can see that this specific mob is giving me +38 Exp per kill (this is also due to my EXP pets).

Staying Offline – you don’t have to grind the cursed palace, you can just stay offline and when you login you can collect a bunch of experience; more if you are VIP and even more if you can pay diamonds

Here is another example of offline experience:

How to level up fast? How to boost your EXP gain?

  1. Activity: being active every day and doing all events and quests.
  2. Cashing: when possible doing more than 1 run of Inferno Space for big EXP gains by using Blood Flags
  3. Correct Location: when you are doing AFK fighting in the Cursed Palace, first find the group of mobs which give the most experience and go AFK there.
  4. EXP Pets: building up a pet team for EXP runs and using these pets during all events which are focused on EXP gains. Below you see my Experience Pet Team with +90% experience bonus (can be a lot higher). For this the level of the pet is irrelevant, only their skill level is important which you can raise with bound diamonds via Pet Skill Books.
    • Be careful here, if you give all the books to the EXP pets you will damage your gold/crystal income, so find a balance that works for you.
    • The Wabbit pet can be replaced, but that will slow down everything, so think of Wabbit as a time saving. If you have a lot of time use 4 EXP pets, if you are short in time use Wabbit pet to kill faster.

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