Element Trials Winning Strategy

Hey guys, those of you who are doing Element Trials in Lords Road will very quickly realize that they get harder and harder on each of the 5 stages and, even though you can call a friend to help with SOS, it is possible that you will fail, depending on your BR / setup, so here is a tip what I discovered works amazing well for Element Trials.

Element Trial Bosses:

The bosses in Element Trials change every day or every time you do it (you can reset). Here are some screenshots I took from the 3rd, 4th and 5th Boss Wave:

Example 3rd Wave Element Trial Boss – Flame:

Example 4th Wave Element Trial Boss – Thunder:

Example 5th Wave Element Trial Boss – Hail:

Element Trials Winning Strategy

The most important part on those images is on the bottom left where it says “Attack with X damage”. This is telling you which Element Type the boss’s attacks are. A lot of people I saw are using all Attack Elements in their Mount window to maximize their attack, which works very good for many parts of the game, but when it comes to Element Trials, what works amazing well is if you switch to defensive Elements of the same type as the Boss’s attack.

For example if I go with maximum offense I usually die on the 4th and 5th waves, but if i switch to the correct defense elements I can actually solo, without any friend SOS, all the waves including the last, 5th, one!

You can also find a good balance. For example, on my character I know that all I need is just one level 2 defensive element for wave 4 and 2 of those for wave 5 and the rest can be attack. For me that works perfectly, but if you are weaker or stronger you can adjust the quantity of defensive elements to match your hero.

It’s really night and day what difference this strategy makes – you go from tough battles to very easy battles! So I hope this helps you to achieve victory in your Element Trials!

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Author: COSMOS

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