Element Trial Rewards and Reset Cost

Hey guys, here are the data and analysis of different kind of rewards that you get in Element Trials and, at the bottom, the reset cost:

Stage 1 Rewards Element Trials:

Notice that both the gold and the experience values will vary as well as the element type and quantity depending on the level of the boss (see small text on the picture), but it will be level 1 rune drop most of the time. Also the element rune rewarded does not have to match the boss’s element type; it’s just random.

The experience reward increases by 3k per level and the gold income increases by 1k per level, so:

EXP Gold
Level 48 34k 12k
Level 49 37k 13k
Level 50 40k 14k
Level 51 43k 15k
Level 52 46k 16k

Chest Reward and Level 2 Element Rune drop also possible:

Thanks to Daj. for the info/pictures, it is also possible to have an Element Rune Chest as a reward, although it is not so frequent.

And it is possible to have directly a level 2 Element Rune, although, again, much more rare than the standard rewards:

Stage 2 Rewards Element Trials:

Stage 3 Rewards Element Trials:

Stage 4 Rewards Element Trials:

Stage 5 Rewards Element Trials:

Total of 5 Stages Rewards from Element Trials:

So I put together all the numbers in Excel and I come up with the following estimated total daily rewards for Element Trials for 5 Stages (stuff you can get every day). Remember this is just what you should expect daily, sometimes you will have 2 element runes or level 2 runes or an element chest, but those should be considered as rare bonuses.

Estimate EXP Gold Element
Stage 1 40k 14k 1
Stage 2 49k 17k 1
Stage 3 56k 20k 1
Stage 4 62k 21k 1
Stage 5 66k 23k 1
Total 273k 95k 5

Element Trials Final Reward

Once you complete all the 5 stages you also get 3 Level 1 Element Rune Chests:

Element Trials Reset Cost:

First reset in the day is free, which you can do to run your trials, but if you want to do more it will cost diamonds to reset. Warning: visually it says that it will cost 100 diamonds (as shown on the picture below), but in reality the game will deduct 400 diamonds, so that’s the real cost.

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