Cosmos level up to level 67

Hey guys, I managed to catch a very nice screenshot of me (Cosmos) leveling up to level 67 and I want to share that with you as well as a few tips:


  • Level 67 is perhaps not a round number, but actually it is a very important level in Lords Road because it opens up the next stage in Tartarus where I can start collecting the level 70 Forge Jewels (following the full completion of Chapter 6 of the solo campaign / dungeons).
  • I am actually one of the top level players, ranked 8th and we already wrote 2 experience guides, so if you want to read about getting experience in Lords Road go read them: 1) Experience guide by Cosmos 2) Leveling guide by by Daj.
  • The big chunks of experience come from Siege (5 million) and Inferno Space (2.X million), but many other actions contribute (I actually never stay afk in the Cursed Palace).

Upgrade to level 67

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Author: COSMOS

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