Athena Goddess Animation, Stats & Strategy

Hey guys, this posts is dedicated to the Athena Goddess (with animation! :P) and her stats/info:

Athena Goddess Animation

Athena Goddess Skill

Stun: Deals 100% stagger chance (i think they mean stuns with a chance of 100%) to a single target for the duration of 2 seconds. The skill has a 10 second cool-down before it can be used again.

Athena Worship Gold Requirements

Worship Gold Cost
up to Level 30 2,566,500
up to Level 50 12,127,500
up to Level 70 33,568,500
up to Level 90 71,689,500
up to Level 110 131,290,500
up to Level 130 217,171,500

For the complete experience table for non-Legendary Goddesses click here.

Goddess Stats

As all goddesses, Athena has her own attack value (they don’t need other stats as they cannot get hurt), based on which her special skill is calculated and she has 3 supporting stats for the main hero:

  • ATK Bonus
  • DEF Bonus
  • HP Bonus

All the stats increase both via Worship (gold cost) and Bonding (Goddess Tear cost).

Athena Strategy or Best Use

Athena is another warrior-killer goddess who is amazing to use by mages (and some warriors). Her 2 second stun skill every 10 seconds means that at least 20% of the time the warrior would be frozen and even unable to attack (which makes that even better than Chione’s slow) which means that the mage can just run around and kill him. There is currently no counter that warriors can use as their charge ability is limited with a long cool-down period.

Athena however cannot be used like Chione against melee bosses in Inferno Tower, because very often bosses are immune to stun. So in these cases slowing down bosses with Chione (assuming they are also not immune to slow) would be a better option.

To conclude, Athena goddess is a similar logic very mage-friendly goddess like Chione useful in all situations where a melee enemy can be stunned / frozen, further disadvantaging poor warriors who are already grossly disadvantaged by the game.

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